Join the Workshop WeReMake 19th of May 2017

This is so exciting! A community of people who believe in the circular economy is growing! 
Are you one of the people who contributes to change, a better planet, and to the circular economy? I’m looking forward to meeting you!

In this workshop you get the chance to actually do something and it doesn’t end tomorrow! This is a fresh start! You are not going just to listen, you are not waiting for change to happen. You feel the change is needed and you know you can contribute to make the change happen! Let’s join our forces and make the world a better place! Feel welcome!!

Link to event.

On 19 May, at Seats2Meet Strijp-S, Nicole Segers will be conducting a workshop on explaining WeAreMake, which is an interesting community of re-makers.

This workshop is about starting and expanding a community of makers who use waste to make great new stuff. You can find some examples on and

The WeReMake platform has been ready for launch for some time now and we experimented a bit, but we found out that it first needs a new approach. What is going to change? The way the community is organised, the way shops are displayed, the money transfer, and also the marketing! Why is it going to change? Because of you! You have a heart for the circular economy and you also like design, architecture, or actually just anything made with materials. So, are you up for it? To really DO something great? Feel welcome and see you this Friday!